Amanda Gibbon

  • donated 2014-02-06 14:10:27 -0800

    Help Karen pay for her ballot statement for the Voter Information Guide!

    $700.00 raised
    GOAL: $22,900.00

    Our next step is an important one-- I need at least $22,900 to print my ballot statement for the Voter Information Guide mailed to voters across Alameda County. Will you help me again today by giving or giving again?

    This is an important time for public education in Alameda County. The new school funding and common core standards are changing the landscape of public education. The Superintendent of Schools must lead the way with credibility, wisdom and results. As Associate Superintendent of Education for Alameda County, this is my passion. 


    I work everyday to create better schools for students, teachers and communities. I am ready to be your County Superintendent.